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When you’re looking for used heavy equipment in New Jersey including bulldozers, trucks, and excavators, come to Camion Depot. We specialize in finding the best new and new-to-you trucks and equipment available, so that you can shop for your company’s needs all in one place. Our comprehensive listings are gathered from dealerships across the state, so you can easily browse available inventory and find the right equipment, at the right price.

Our selection of New Jersey used heavy equipment is second to none, and we’re confident you will find the right bulldozers, trucks, and excavators to meet your business’ needs. Simply use the drop-down menu to search by make and model, or use our interactive map, to see everything that is available in your area. Our inventory page also gives you the most advanced search option, so you can pinpoint the right equipment for your needs. When you need a reliable resource for all your new and used equipment buying needs, Camion Depot is here to help.

Are you in the market for used heavy equipment like bulldozers, trucks, and excavators in New Jersey? Come to Camion Depot. We offer an easy-to-use online inventory of new and used equipment for sale. Ready to buy? We can also help you get pre-qualified for your purchase through our lending partner, Inspired Funding. For any questions, please contact our experienced team today.